The Mansion of Koimari and Historical Chests 知永古美術館

古伊万里と時代箪笥の館 知永古美術館

Opening Greetings

With cooporation of many people, we could come to open CHIEKO MUSEUM in front of our house. We would like to thank all of you here for the support you had given us. We have Imari-Yaki, the porcelains of HizenArita from the eras of Edo to Meiji, that were collected by Isao Nakamura and his wife, Chieko over 30 years. We also have attractive furniture such as Japanese Chests and Kurado(storage) and Ukiyo-E, the paintings drawn in the eras of Tokugawa to Meiji to express the manners of Japan at that time. Through the opening of these arts to the public, we hope our customers to enjoy the magnificence of traditional Japanese arts and crafts, and we hope to contribute to the development of culture in our area. We promise to make efforts for providing a place where our customers can fully enjoy the beauty of Japanese culture. We thank you again for your patronage.

About the Collection of Arts

Koimari = 古伊万里

Historical Chests = 時代箪笥

Guidance for Chieko Museum

  • address

    〒251-0045 1-7-38 Tsujido Higashi Kaigan, Fujisawa-Shi

  • Phone


  • Open

    Every Thursday,Friday,Saturday, from 11:00am~16:00pm
    (If you want on Sunday、please make reservations)

  • Closed on

    End of the year
    The end of year (Desember 24th~31th)
    * Starts from January 10th
    February and August

  • Parking lot

    4-5 cars

Entrance Fee:500yen
* Recording by cameras and camcorders are prohibitted inside the museum.

Guidance for Traffic Routes

1.Take the bus ("To Kamakura" or "To Kugenuma Garage") from the south rotary of Tsujido Station, and get off at "Eastern Coast" stop. 2minutes from this stop.

2.After getting off at Fujisawa Station, take the bus 3("To Tsujido Station" or "To Tsujido Apartment") from the bus rotary infront of Saikaya Department Store.
Get off at "Deguchi" stop. 2minutes from the stop. (Right next to Tsujido Elementary School.)